From the Adriatic Sea

to the table: a story

of tradition,

colours, and flavours

In the kitchen and at the table, we follow the marine traditions and the century-old values they stand for: our cuisine reflects our desire to serve dishes that allow those who taste them to enjoy the real essence of Romagna.

To make this possible, we select only the best ingredients that the sea and the territory can offer and we valorise them respecting their natural and seasonal characteristics, putting great care and passion in all our dishes, as if we were preparing them for our own family.

the cuisine

The sea is

the inspiration behind

every dish

The sea is the inspiration behind every dish

Our menu always points in the direction indicated by our sea, the Adriatic.

Our recipes reflect its soul, colours, and flavours and represent an inexhaustible source of inspirationas well as an element of continuity with our roots, the traditions of Cervia and Romagna, our old and noble land.

Quality and genuinity

are the key

to our cuisine

Our identity is strongly and deeply rooted in the traditions of our land. This is why we apply to our menu the same rules we apply to our approach to hospitality: attention to detail and a genuine, honest, and friendly attitude.

The real stars of the dishes and pizzas on our menu are the ingredients, all strictly seasonal, that we select to prepare them, exalting their taste, freshness, and texture.