flavours and

traditions of Romagna!

la Ciurma

At Osteria La Ciurma in Cervia we welcome our guests with a smile and the warmth that characterises the people of Romagna, which has become our trade mark, and we spoil them with delicious dishes prepared with care and passion using the best local ingredients.

Our dishes are

all about the sea

and its finest fruits

In addition to a relaxed family atmosphere, Osteria Pizzeria La Ciurma offers a generous and luscious cuisine in which fresh fish and genuine local produce are the essential ingredients of every dish on the menu.

Every day we prepare fresh home-made pasta, as the oldest regional tradition demands, and we give our desserts such a tempting look and texture that trying to resist, we can assure you, is impossible.

the menu

Crispy, delicious, and light,

our pizzas are

a triumph of flavours

For anyone in search of a tasty alternative to fish, Osteria La Ciurma offers a great selection of pizzas. Filled with taste, colour, and creativity they win over even the most demanding palates with lots of combinations of flavours and top-quality ingredients.

our pizzas


trade mark?

Our smile!


If ever there will be a capital city of smiles, it will be Cervia and the whole of Romagna in general. At Osteria La Ciurma kindness and hospitality are written in our DNA and have always been central to the way we welcome our guests.

Our passion as restaurateurs is deeply rooted in our family history: the love for our region’s cuisine has been passed down from generation to generation, our grandparents have instilled it into us since we were children.

On Cervia’s canal port,

a few steps from

the marina and the beach

Osteria La Ciurma is in the heart of Cervia, where the charm of the maritime town is emphasised by the colours of the fishing boats moored along the canal where the waves pick up as the wind blows and the surface of the water conspires with the light creating an evocative atmosphere.

Open all year round, Osteria La Ciurma is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to enjoy the real traditional fish cuisine, pampered by a competent and attentive “crew” always happy to help with insights and suggestions.

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